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What they say

A simple change in what we put in our dogs' bowls can have an extraordinary impact on their health. But let's hear it from their Humans, who will tell us better than anyone!
Boost the system

I recovered Looping at the age of 14 months via a veterinarian. He had, until then, always lived locked in a henhouse. I discovered very quickly that he had epilepsy problems and I decided to avoid as much as possible to medicate him, knowing that the side effects are heavy and would decrease his life expectancy. I tried various methods for 4 years: Chinese medicine, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, animal communication, stones and energies, specialized kibbles..... and I even cooked daily for him for more than 2 years, without conclusive result! Having heard about BARF from a friend, I decided to try it and it's the first time that I have seen a real decrease in his seizures.
Before, he had about 1 seizure every month. Since I've been feeding him BARF, he only has 3-4 seizures a year, which is 3x less. In addition, the seizures are less violent and shorter than before. I can only encourage people who are concerned about the well-being of their furry friend to try this diet. Personally, I am more than convinced. Looping is in great shape, he has a beautiful coat, a much more beautiful teeth and especially his attacks continue to decrease!

Looping Human's

What they say

My dogs love it, I pay less than by making up my portions myself and the service is very friendly on the phone and at the delivery. I recommend it!
Sarah Aubort
Super, excellent quality, complete, varied, balanced menus, I highly recommend!
Marion Bogno
Excellent quality and low price.

Bricen Bricen
In Pieterlen we receive by mail, it is just as good, and always on time thank you very much. It's great!"
Di Meh
More than satisfied customer
May Kameh
Well-balanced portions adapted to their tastes and size, practical packaging and a very warm welcoming! I can only recommend them!
Laurence Schranz Choffat
Great! My dog loves it. Finally, I have a variety of non-grounded barf portions that are adapted to my dog's needs. Morgane and the Babarf team are great. I recommend them without any hesitation!
Maud Simon
Our Ouzo is licking his lips at the sight of each meal. He eats much better and we have noticed an improvement in his physical condition (because he has dysplasia in both hips) and this after a week of Babarf already. He is much more active and seems to fell better overall! Thank you and long live Babarf!
Dominique Chevalley
My beauceronne before Babarf had diarrhea all the time and ate a lot of junk food while walking! 4 years of misery! Since one year Babarf has NO diarrhea and does not eat anything on walks.
Anne Rey
They are amazing!!! My dogs are so happy to eat their bowl of Barf! And I don't have to worry about running after the products and preparing the portions! I recommend Babarf for sure!
Virginia Dupraz
Convinced customer!
David Dürrenmatt
Very good service, nice delivery man, great food and very well packaged. I highly recommend it.
Babarf what to say... top quality, accurate delivery service every month and moreover very friendly! I can only recommend them 100%.
Dave d'Aquila
Since Lilypie has been on the barf, meals are a pleasure. She finally finishes her bowls, which was never the case with dry/can dog food. And thanks to Babarf, I save time for the preparation of her portions! So we thank you both!
Emma Feeney
Since he's been at the Barf:
- Super beautiful soft coat
- Poop 1x a day and little petals
- 100% healthy food

The media are talking about it

Many owners want their dogs to benefit from the principles they themselves follow. The barf diet is a perfect fit.

BABARF is the only company to offer portions adapted to each dog, according to its weight and habits. The company also provides personalized advice, makes its own deliveries, and ensures a follow-up that deserves to be noted.

Proven benefits

Recovering health

Since our dog eats Babarf, he has an incredibly soft coat and does not lose his hair like before (it was really horrible...!)
He loves it and is now enjoying it, a little difficult at the beginning, but now he is looking forward to his ration. Also, he has polyarthritis and I really feel that since he has been eating Babarf his condition has improved a lot.

Goofy's Human
First steps with the Barf

We were very happy to meet Babarf, they explained how it works, the menus are personalized, and if your dog has any problems they will be able to advise you." For Hera, the "Starter Kit" was the perfect option because she had never tried Barf before, and she loves it!!! After a few weeks with the "Starter Kit" she will be ready to enjoy a full meal!

Ana Lorena
Hera's Human
No more skin problems

Oslow is an inu akita who was abandoned very young and that I adopted Oslow began to have skin problems and it seemed that the food was the cause and after trying several brands of kibble I finally decided to feed him BARF and it is at babarf that I could find portions really top and ready for my loulou besides I believe that has its head it is seen that it appreciates the moment of the meal.

Oslow's Human
The daily Babarf minute for Toshi the Epicurean

Toshi started her Babarf diet in December 2019. She vibrates with joy every morning when she sees her parents setting up her ration - 1.2 kilos of fresh food - in her bowl. As a bon vivant, she succumbs to temptation quickly. We are happy that Babarf offers a varied diet to Toshi, who enjoys not only raw meat and bones but also vegetables and fruits. She is particularly fond of apples and carrots. Her joy of life, good health and shiny coat are all signs of her Babarf diet.

Toshi's Human
The star of the dog park

Here is my breakfast: a good mix of all kinds of raw goodness, prepared with knowledge and love by @babarf_ch. These delicious portions have given me back my appetite and the pleasure of breakfast. My teeth are glistening and my hair is shining in the sun. It's enough to turn heads on my walks, I'm telling you!
So a big thank you to @babarf_ch, it's all I needed to get back on track!

Molly's Human


100% natural custom-made BARF meals for dogs, delivered in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Ready to use

The portions are carefully prepared in our facilities and then delivered frozen to you at the agreed upon frequency, at home or at a pick-up location. You don't have to handle, cut, weigh or assemble the meat: we prepare everything beforehand according to your dog's tastes and needs.

Custom Made

Les fruits, légumes et abats sont broyés pour assurer une bonne digestion. La viande, le poisson et les os sont en morceaux, afin de garantir une bonne hygiène buccodentaire. Sur demande, les os peuvent toutefois être broyés.

Smooth Transition

The first few days he will have poultry, without bones or offal, then over the weeks bones, offal and other varieties of meat will gradually be added. The transition to full BARF meals will be done smoothly, at your dog's pace.

Origin of our meats:

Meat Country of origin
Beef France, Switzerland
Duck Belgium, France
Turkey Belgium, France
Chicken Belgium, France, Switzerland
Deer Belgium
Horse Belgium
Rabbit Belgium, France
Pork Belgium, Switzerland
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Transition douce

Les premiers jours il aura ainsi de la volaille, sans os ni abats, puis au fil des semaines seront progressivement ajoutés les os, abats, puis d’autres variétés de viande. Le passage se fait ainsi en douceur vers les repas BARF complets, au rythme de votre loulou.

Sur mesure

Les fruits, légumes et abats sont broyés pour assurer une bonne digestion. La viande, le poisson et les os sont en morceaux, afin de garantir une bonne hygiène buccodentaire. Sur demande, les os peuvent toutefois être broyés.

Prêt à l'emploi

Les rations sont soigneusement préparées dans nos locaux puis vous sont livrées congelées à la fréquence convenue, à domicile ou en point-retrait. Vous n’avez pas à manipuler, découper, peser ou assembler la viande : nous préparons le tout en amont en fonction des goûts et besoins de votre chien.