Allergies in dogs and the BARF diet: What benefits?

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What are allergies?

Food allergy in dogs is a problem frequently encountered by owners. It is an abnormal reaction of the immune system to normally harmless proteins. It is to be differentiated from food intolerance, which does not involve immunity and only concerns a difficulty in digesting a food. Dogs with allergies usually suffer from skin and digestive problems. The origin of allergies is difficult to pinpoint, but it is possible to say that the quality of the diet, the combination of various foods and genetics are largely responsible.

The impact of industrial food

Some veterinarians and other pet professionals agree that allergies have increased in recent years. It is probable that food plays an important role in their appearance, and in particular the especially the foods that are mostly marketed nowadays, this having for cause:

the strong presence of allergenic and poorly digestible plants such as wheat, soy, legumes (peas, lentils …)

by-products, processed products and other components are not of first quality

the intestinal flora is depleted by a dry and inadequate diet composed mainly of hydrolyzed proteins, i.e. proteins undergo a transformation, making them almost invisible for the immune system.

How BARF can help dogs with food allergies

The BARF diet makes it possible to control the presence of each ingredient in the dog’s diet, but also to ensure their quality. To start the BARF diet, each food is introduced little by little over a short period of time in order to accustom the animal’s digestive system and to detect any possible allergic reaction or intolerance.

Compared to to those present in foods cooked, hydrolyzed, The components of a BARF diet are less numerous, but their nutritional value and quality are much highermaking them much more assimilable. The diversity of the meals and the right proportion of each ingredient allows a sufficient intake to cover the dog’s needs for a long time.

Recent studies reveal that the intestinal flora (microbiota) plays a major role in the performance of the immune system. A poor quality and unsuitable diet leads to a depletion of the microbiota. Thus, the immune system is weakened and dysfunctional. A natural diet will be perfectly adapted to the balance of the microbiota and will and will thus reduce the risk of allergies.

Babarf subscriptions offer you the the possibility of requesting the elimination of ingredients that cause problems for your dog. This way, he will benefit from a complete diet tailored to his condition.


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Ready to use

The portions are carefully prepared in our facilities and then delivered frozen to you at the agreed upon frequency, at home or at a pick-up location. You don't have to handle, cut, weigh or assemble the meat: we prepare everything beforehand according to your dog's tastes and needs.

Custom Made

Les fruits, légumes et abats sont broyés pour assurer une bonne digestion. La viande, le poisson et les os sont en morceaux, afin de garantir une bonne hygiène buccodentaire. Sur demande, les os peuvent toutefois être broyés.

Smooth Transition

The first few days he will have poultry, without bones or offal, then over the weeks bones, offal and other varieties of meat will gradually be added. The transition to full BARF meals will be done smoothly, at your dog's pace.

Origin of our meats:

Meat Country of origin
Beef France, Switzerland
Duck Belgium, France
Turkey Belgium, France
Chicken Belgium, France, Switzerland
Deer Belgium, France
Horse Belgium
Rabbit Belgium
Pork Belgium, France, Switzerland
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Transition douce

Les premiers jours il aura ainsi de la volaille, sans os ni abats, puis au fil des semaines seront progressivement ajoutés les os, abats, puis d’autres variétés de viande. Le passage se fait ainsi en douceur vers les repas BARF complets, au rythme de votre loulou.

Sur mesure

Les fruits, légumes et abats sont broyés pour assurer une bonne digestion. La viande, le poisson et les os sont en morceaux, afin de garantir une bonne hygiène buccodentaire. Sur demande, les os peuvent toutefois être broyés.

Prêt à l'emploi

Les rations sont soigneusement préparées dans nos locaux puis vous sont livrées congelées à la fréquence convenue, à domicile ou en point-retrait. Vous n’avez pas à manipuler, découper, peser ou assembler la viande : nous préparons le tout en amont en fonction des goûts et besoins de votre chien.