Preparing your dog’s food yourself, pros and cons

BaBarf- preparation des menus pour chiens

Small point of situation

Taking the time to concoct fresh meals for your dog is a rewarding activity for the loving owners we all are here! And we who dedicate our days to such preparations, know better 

But let’s take a closer look at the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of these home-made preparations.

To begin with, the diet we will discuss here is the BARF diet.

In a few words, it consists of feeding your dog a diet based on raw meat, meaty bones, fish, offal, and a small amount of mixed fruits and vegetables.

Prepared with the right proportions, this carnivorous diet is naturally adapted to the dogs’ body.

Pros and cons

And we all surely agree on this: giving natural and unprocessed ingredients to your dog is definitely a gift you give him.

But beware! Although always well-intentioned, preparing meals for dogs can be counterproductive when done without sufficient (in)training.

Dogs are carnivores, with different nutritional needs than we do, and just because a meal is prepared with fresh, natural ingredients does not guarantee its balance.

That’s why at Babarf we vote YES to homemade meals, but NO to random preparations made in the dark.

  • Fatty acids that are too low in dosage -> will result in a bad coat
  • Insufficient calcium -> reduced bone reserves
  • Low vitamin D levels -> low calcium absorption
  • Inadequate trace elements -> can lead to anemia
  • Low protein content -> muscle atrophy

This is a non-exhaustive list, intended to give you an idea of the importance of each of the elements present in the diet.

Feeding your dog naturally: Investing or not investing?

You’ve done your research, and have come to the conclusion that a natural diet is the ideal option for your dog.

There are two possibilities: buying rations that are custom-made for your dog, perfectly dosed, is one. Getting information and training in the preparation of rations in order to carry out the whole of the rations, while profiting from an adapted follow-up, is another one.

Our experience

At Babarf, we started out cooking individually for our own dogs, and now we cook for yours as well. We are now cooking for more than just a pack, one by one, custom-made, day after day!

So let us share with you the ins and outs of our experience.

When you consider cooking for your dog at home, Pinterest will make it look like a breeze. Chicken and zucchini, some sardines when they’re in action at the corner store. Easy, right? We’ve learned that it’s not always as easy as they say, and that the financial savings it can be doesn’t make up for the time spent or the potential imbalances.

And so, after this overview allowing you to see more clearly, we will conclude as follows:

Whatever the chosen solution, we are delighted to see every day bipeds making the choice of natural for their loulou.

Découvrez le plan idéal
pour votre chien


100% natural custom-made BARF meals for dogs, delivered in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Ready to use

The portions are carefully prepared in our facilities and then delivered frozen to you at the agreed upon frequency, at home or at a pick-up location. You don't have to handle, cut, weigh or assemble the meat: we prepare everything beforehand according to your dog's tastes and needs.

Custom Made

Les fruits, légumes et abats sont broyés pour assurer une bonne digestion. La viande, le poisson et les os sont en morceaux, afin de garantir une bonne hygiène buccodentaire. Sur demande, les os peuvent toutefois être broyés.

Smooth Transition

The first few days he will have poultry, without bones or offal, then over the weeks bones, offal and other varieties of meat will gradually be added. The transition to full BARF meals will be done smoothly, at your dog's pace.

Origin of our meats:

Meat Country of origin
Beef France, Switzerland
Duck Belgium, France
Turkey Belgium, France
Chicken Belgium, France, Switzerland
Deer Belgium
Horse Belgium
Rabbit Belgium, France
Pork Belgium, Switzerland

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Transition douce

Les premiers jours il aura ainsi de la volaille, sans os ni abats, puis au fil des semaines seront progressivement ajoutés les os, abats, puis d’autres variétés de viande. Le passage se fait ainsi en douceur vers les repas BARF complets, au rythme de votre loulou.

Sur mesure

Les fruits, légumes et abats sont broyés pour assurer une bonne digestion. La viande, le poisson et les os sont en morceaux, afin de garantir une bonne hygiène buccodentaire. Sur demande, les os peuvent toutefois être broyés.

Prêt à l'emploi

Les rations sont soigneusement préparées dans nos locaux puis vous sont livrées congelées à la fréquence convenue, à domicile ou en point-retrait. Vous n’avez pas à manipuler, découper, peser ou assembler la viande : nous préparons le tout en amont en fonction des goûts et besoins de votre chien.